Pierre-Henry Gagey

Pierre-Henry Gagey, former president of the French Burgundy Wine Industry Association (BIVB), and the owner of Maison Louis Jadot.

Pierre-Henry Gagey studied wine with his father since he was a child. He graduated from école Supérieure de Commerce de Reims and obtained a master’s degree in business administration. This gives him a more open vision and a unique perspective on wine. In 1985, Pierre-Henry Gagey joined the family of Louis Jadot and in 1992 succeeded his father as the owner of a Louis Jadot and began to take charge of the winery business.

After becoming the owner , he built new wine cellars in Bourne and Beaujolais. He partnered with winery veteran winemaker Jacques Lardière to create high quality Burgundy wines with extraordinary aging potential. They focus on the extraction of natural fruit, knowing that each vineyard has its own unique style and personality, and strive to allow the wine to maintain the terroir quality of the vineyards of the place of production