Terroir Renaissance International Wine Symposium 2020

                                                                                                                  Press release                                                                                                             Shanghai, 01 December 2020   What are the wonderful moments of the Terroir Renaissance International Wine Symposium attended by more than 5000 wine lovers?   At the end of this week, the fifth Terroir Renaissance International Wine Symposium was held, with 13 Hours International Seminar on Terroir, Top Terroir Wineries for Grand Tasting and several Top Terroir Wine Masterclasses!   THE TRAILER FOR INTERNATIONAL TERROIR WEBINAR https://youtu.be/Vkygt8jcg7s   CCTV NEWS https://youtu.be/lEXy-JMhFcU   Because of the epidemic situation, this year’s International Seminar on Terroir adopts the way of remote connection. 32 leading figures in the field of wine culture, including famous winery owners, oenologists, scientists and researchers, as well as influential wine critics in the industry, met with you online. Nearly five thousand viewers watched online to share the wine knowledge feast and discuss “what role do people play in the interpretation of Terroir diversity?”   Mr. Aubert de Villaine, honorary chairman of the Association Internationale des Terroirs and the co-owner of Domaine de la Romanée-conti, and Philippe Wieber, Deputy Consul General of France in Shanghai, delivered opening speeches. In his speech, Mr. de Villaine said, “what is the secret of the great wine and the great terroir wine that people say? Searching for secrets doesn’t mean rejecting science, it’s just that science can never fully explain great wines, but only a part, and a relatively small part. However, great wine is a vivid expression of nature. In this expression, don’t think that human beings are not involved in them, human beings exist as foundation stones. The secret of great wine is that as long as human beings respect it, it will return pleasure and happiness to human beings,” which lays the foundation for the discussion of the relationship between “Terroir and Human”. In the morning, it’s the section of Burgundy and Bordeaux. Isabelle Anatole Gabriel, director of UNESCO World Heritage Center for Europe and North America, was the first to speak. The theme of her speech is “the protection and inheritance of world agricultural heritage”. Agricultural landscape has become a part of human heritage. Through the concept of “Terroir”, we can better protect and promote them. Then the co-owner of Domaine de Villaine, Pierre de Benoist and Jacky Rigaux, world famous wine writer, discussed “how to express the Terroir through human”. Nature intervenes before human beings, and human beings follow in order to observe and understand, serve nature and make great wine. […]

Terroir Renaissance International Wine Symposium 2018 met in Shanghai

The 2018 Terroir Renaissance International Wine Symposium, which met in Shanghai from 30 November to 2 December, concluded with the attendance of some 2500 participants. This year’s Symposium, with the theme of Terroir and Grape, focused on the interpretation and dissemination of the concept of Terroir, Grape varieties and their relationship in the wine world. Terroir Renaissance International Wine Symposiums, initiated and organized by TasteSpirit, are wine-related academic conferences at the highest level in China, in terms of Guest Lineup and the scale of the event. The Symposiums were successfully convened in 2015 and 2017 with sustainable influence in Chinese wine world. The 3rd Terroir Renaissance International Wine Symposium consisted of four major parts: the 9-Hour International Seminar on Terroir, 10 Top Terroir Wine Masterclasses, the Top Terroir Grand Tasting and the Prestige Dinner. It was not only a cultural feast for international wine experts to share and explore the terroir with wine lovers, but also an effective channel for a deeper understanding and dissemination of the most important values ​​in the wine world. More than 20 experts, owners of worldly renowned wineries and wine critics decoded the concept of terroir, grapes and their relationship in front of about 300 audiences during the Seminar. Top Terroir Wine Masterclasses were dedicated to promoting the interchange of thoughts between wine professionals and wine enthusiasts about top terroir wines and the performance of grape varieties in different terroirs all over the world. Besides, the Top Terroir Grand Tasting brought a selection of 196 top-class wineries from 50 classic production areas in the world with the attendance of some 1500 participants. Such high-level and large-scale grand tasting was really unique in China. Finally, about 160 attendees enjoyed the Prestige Dinner, toasted to each other and celebrated an unforgettable night. The three-day course aroused great repercussions among wine experts, as the honorary president of Association des Climats du Vignoble de Bourgogne and the co-owner of Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, Mr. Aubert de Villaine said “I am pleased to have been able to participate in this Symposium. Other speakers and I share the same idea, that we’ve together sowed a seed of Terroir in the soil that the tenacious action of TasteSpirit and his team has made fertile.” Other guests were also very impressed by the excellence of both, TasteSpirit’s organization and the speakers invited. “This format is truly setting new benchmarks within the Chinese wine […]

(中文) 2000块的黄酒高级在哪里?绍兴黄酒大师为你解惑

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1976年巴黎盲品会上,一支来自美国Château Montelena酒庄的霞多丽一举夺冠,战胜了当时世界公认最优秀的法国勃艮第白葡萄酒。打造出这款酒的,是纳帕谷传奇酿酒师Miljenko Grgich,后来他创立了Grgich Hills Estate这家酒庄。 如今,这位传奇酿酒师Miljenko Grgich的侄子Ivo Jeramaz担任着Grgich Hills Estate酒庄的首席酿酒师。今天这篇文章是Ivo Jeramaz先生在2018风土大课上做出的演讲,一直坚持有机种植的Ivo Jeramaz先生与我们分享了他的酿造理念,和他为酿出杰出葡萄酒所做的种种惊人举措。 大家上午/下午好。我是来自格吉弛黑尔酒庄(Grgich Hills Estate)的Ivo Jeramaz,今天非常荣幸可以和各位葡萄种植者、酿酒者和葡萄酒爱好者相聚于此。 我不知道你们当中有多少人曾经到过纳帕山谷(Napa Valley)或者品尝过我们酒庄的葡萄酒。简单介绍一下,我们是一个小型的家族酒庄,至今已经有41年的历史了。我们家族最早来自克罗地亚,祖辈十五代都是酿酒者。今天,我们可以非常骄傲地说,第三代已经加入了我们酒庄的经营工作,我的女儿Maja今天也来到了这里。我在格吉弛黑尔酒庄的任务就是种植葡萄以及酿造葡萄酒。我今天的展示是我内心中非常珍贵的部分,同样在我看来也是可以触动目前葡萄酒行业最重要的部分。伟大的葡萄酒永远不是在酒窖中被生产出来,而是产自伟大的葡萄园。一瓶伟大葡萄酒的神秘之处是土壤、微观宏观气候、农民劳作以及更重要的是土壤微生物等一系列因素的综合。我坚信,有机种植是生产出杰出风格葡萄酒以及打造一个产地特别风格的唯一办法。 几千年来,我们的祖先遵循着自然法则耕种着土地,土壤的肥力通过堆肥和犁地来实现。在19世纪,化学家尤斯图斯·冯·李比希男爵(Justus von Liebig)发现植物可以通过人工办法吸收人造的化学肥料。这个理论认为植物需要氮、磷、钾和钙元素,这是一个片面的化学肥料理论,但至今仍然主导着农业的思想。 有机农业则是遵循自然法则。这个称呼意味着生命过程就是有机产品的起源,产品来自于植物的自然生长。同样,这个理论也认为,这个过程的实现遵循着一定的顺序,当然是根据自然法则。 要想成为一名好农民,我们必须要理解植物如何获得养分。植物有两种根。第一种根是吸收者,用于吸收养分;第二种是挖掘者,用于吸收水分。植物并不像人类和动物一样有独立的新陈代谢系统,植物依靠阳光的温暖来加速新陈代谢的过程。同时,植物无时无刻不在进行着水分的蒸腾,类似于我们的呼吸。在一个适宜的耕作系统中,植物获得可溶的营养物的途径并不是通过土壤的潮湿,而是腐殖质。剩下的水分是纯粹的水分,带有极少的养分。这是这种耕作系统的关键。在这种系统之下,植物在需要的时候获取养分,而不会摄入过多的营养物。在传统的农业中,养分溶解在水中,人们强迫植物通过蒸腾作用获取养分,并不考虑植物是否需要它们。这就会导致养分的流失,尤其是氮元素。因为肥料都是无机盐类,当植物细胞需要进行无机盐平衡时,便会不得不吸收更多的水分来保持平衡。这就导致植物变得肿胀,抵御害虫的能力下降。通过适宜的种植系统,我们创造了植物内部的平衡以及健康的土壤,这可以支持植物健康生长。当植物出现问题时,去从土壤找问题而不是植物本身。 为了获得健康和富有肥力的土壤,我们必须也将其视为一种生命。土壤压实和大水漫灌一定要避免。土壤最重要的组成部分之一是微生物。他们扮演着很多角色。第一,他们消化土壤有机物,将其转换为腐殖质。第二,他们生产二氧化碳和最终产物有机酸,后者可以分解矿物微粒。细菌的数目越多,则消化作用发生越为显著。我们必须保持适宜微生物生长的环境,例如保持土壤通风和潮湿。正好比你想喂养一头奶牛,则必须要喂养微生物。一茶匙量的健康土壤中应当由几十亿上百亿的微生物。微生物生产植物所需营养物的效率是人类永远无法达到的。当土壤、有机物和腐殖质被微生物分解时,无机盐则开始生成并能够被植物吸收。在土壤有机物的分解过程中,细菌以碳作为燃料,以氮作为建材。一个适宜的碳/氮比例非常重要,最好控制在十比一。另一个重要的土壤生物是蚯蚓。 蚯蚓消化植物的废弃物,并起到松软土壤和创造输水的通道。土壤的健康程度可以通过土壤中蚯蚓的数量来衡量。 土壤的有机性包含三方面内容。第一,新鲜植物残留和土壤有机生命。这部分占到了土壤有机部分的百分之十。第二,分解以及土壤积极有机物。占到了35-50%。第三,稳定的土壤有机物或者腐殖质,同样占到35-50%。美国中西部地区的草场是高有机土壤的标杆。为什么土壤的有机特性如此重要呢?因为土壤的有机性是土壤健康以及高产的根本。在土壤有机物的分解作用下,植物可以获得养分。微生物和蚯蚓将土壤有机物转化为腐殖质。土壤有机物的生产是缓慢的过程。通常十千克的有机原材料(稻草或植物残留)仅能创造出一千克的土壤有机物。 什么是腐殖质?腐殖质是一种介于溶液和悬浮液的胶状物质。腐殖质有很强的阳离子交换能力,可以锁住大量的养分,可以达到其在水中重量的80-90%。可溶营养物(植物可吸收的)储存在腐殖质中但是不会被吸收。腐殖质可以改善土壤结构,同时固定有毒物质和重金属,也可以缓冲酸性和碱性物质对于土壤的冲击。 土壤有机物就像一个储蓄账户。人们想要扩大它。收获时,熟练的农民在移走营养物的同时,也能够保持土壤的肥力,然而不熟练的农民则会掏空大部分营养物,让土壤濒临破产。 有机农业是真正可持续的,因为它保持了土壤自然的肥力。我们作为土壤管家的任务就是堆好肥。每年我们会堆大约一千吨的肥。堆肥的原料是牛粪、大米和谷物壳。通过微生物的发酵作用,十个月后我们可以获得非常好的肥料。在收获结束之后,主要在十月份,我们会把这些肥料用于所有的葡萄园。 下一步是覆土种植。覆土种植是指在不同的葡萄藤中间进行播种。我们有多种不同的种子。所有的种子都基于60%的谷物(大麦、黑麦和燕麦)以及40%的豌豆和蚕豆。谷物可以提供富有纤维质的根部以及大量的碳元素。豌豆和蚕豆可以提供一些氮元素。我们采用覆土作物的原因有三点。第一,它们可以防止冬季加利福尼亚地区狂风暴雨所带来的土壤流失。第二,营养元素被锁在植物中,因此不会随着冬天的风暴而流失。第三,当我们在春季对覆土作物进行犁地时,覆土作物又可以成为微生物的食物,营养物的循环得以再次开始。 我们有机农业中另外一个重要部分是混种。当我们环顾四周,我们会发现多种动植物共存。我们尝试在葡萄园中创造生态多样性。我们种植了几千株灌木、果树、花卉来增加多样性。每一种植物都会在根部带来各自的微生物族群。同样的,他们也有自己的害虫和益虫。在这样的多样性环境下,平衡得以保证,没有任何一个物种占有决定性地位。 很多时候人们问我们,你们是如何应对病虫害呢?答案就是,健康的土壤支持了健康的植物,它们对于疾病抵抗力更强。我们的葡萄园内有病虫害吗?当然是有的,但是它们的数量很少,我们完全可以控制。我可以给你们一些例子。我们从不在葡萄园中喷洒杀虫剂。我们安置了成百上千的小鸟舍。在交配的季节,鸟类每天需要800只昆虫来喂养自己的雏鸟。这可以帮助我们除去葡萄园中大部分的昆虫。我们可以容忍一片叶子上有几只叶蝉,但是只要不是上百只就行。我们的目标不是消灭一切,而是保持一种平衡。自然趋向于平衡,我们人类则善于打破平衡。对于葡萄园中活动的一些啮齿目动物,我们也安置了一些猫头鹰的笼舍,它们在捕食啮齿类动物方面效率很高。我们还在葡萄园中安置了十个健康的蜂巢,若干群鸡以及珠鸡,它们在葡萄园中自由漫步。再重复一遍,这所有的一切都可以创造生物多样性,这对于整个的农业系统非常重要。 有四个原因促使我们采用有机种植。第一,在酿酒业中,大部分的费用都花在了独一无二的味道而不是葡萄本身上面。我们知道有机农业可以产出更好的味道。第二,有机农业可以让我们获得更老的葡萄藤,这对于生产更为复杂和有趣的葡萄酒也很重要。今天在纳帕山谷,葡萄的平均藤龄不超过20年。这真是一个悲剧。在一代人之前,纳帕山谷的葡萄藤龄可以达到35年。就像人类到一定的年龄才可以展现出智慧一样,葡萄藤也需要到一定的年龄来产出更有深度的水果,最大限度地展现当地的风土。第三是经济方面的原因。传统观点认为有机农业成本较高,然而我们发现,有机农业更为经济,尤其是在长期看来。事实上,重新种植的成本高的惊人,如果可以避免这方面支出,则能省下一大笔钱,而且还可以增加葡萄的质量。最后,公众对于化学农业带来的健康危害意识更强,更多的人也在支持可持续和有机农业,将化学品的使用最小化。 在我个人看来,农业是一项神圣的使命。它给予我无比充盈的内心满足感。这样的农业可以让人谦卑。农业是一项让你每一年都在追求完美的事业,没有尽头。年年不同,每年都有新的挑战。我相信,世上没有坏的葡萄园,只有不同品种的葡萄。我们在格吉弛黑尔酒庄的目标并不是每年酿造最完美的葡萄酒,而是让葡萄酒更忠实地反映当年的季节。葡萄园的创新性和独特性胜过传统意义上漂亮的葡萄酒。伟大的葡萄酒需要有灵魂,同土壤和工艺一道,是一个家族的三一圣物。 最后,我希望大家可以多少了解一下有机农业的内涵,以及它在创造值得记忆和富有灵魂葡萄酒的重要性。我非常荣幸可以在这样一个富有威望的集体面前发表演讲。我希望你们所有人都可以确信,为了提高我们生命的质量,我们必须要改变我们在化学肥料和除虫剂上的依赖。谢谢大家! © 知味葡萄酒杂志

(中文) 风土到底如何影响葡萄品种?Biodyvin副主席给出了他的解答

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(中文) 2018年风土大会上,罗曼尼康帝庄主德维兰的发言感动了无数人

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When Mr. Aubert de Villiane singing the song of harvest… The 2018 International Wine Symposium also had these touching moments

The Third International Wine Symposium on Terroir and Renaissance with the theme of Terroir and Grape was successfully held in Shanghai, November 30th – December 2nd, 2018, which aroused great repercussion among Chinese wine lovers and wine professionals. Click on the video below to watch the highlights of the 2018 International Wine Symposium: This year, the Wine Symposium was organized by TasteSpirit Wine Magazine & Education, and co-organized by Association des Climats du Vignoble de Bourgogne, Musique et Vin au Clos Vougeot, International Federation of Vine and Wine of Helan Mountain’s East Foothill, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Antai College of Economics & Management, Union des Crus Classés de Graves, Famiglie Storiche dell’Amarone, Biodyvin Association and Shanghai Morning Post Dawen Information Development Co., Ltd. Following the great repercussions of the previous two wine symposiums, the 2018 International Wine Symposium with the annual theme of Terroir and Grape once again took its scale and influence to a new level. The CCTV French Channel also reported the wine symposium, click on the video below to watch the interview and report: In this year’s Wine Symposium, we not only invited more than 20 experts, owners of famous wineries and wine critics of world class to explain the concept of terroir through the 9-hour seminar, but also presented 10 exciting master classes and a prestige dinner. This year’s Grand Tasting brought a selection of 196 top-class wineries from 50 classic production areas in the world, including more than 800 terroir wines with a total value of over 1 million RMB. Top famous wineries participated in the grand tasting were more than double those of last year. What’s more, there were 31 Burgundian famous wineries and 42 Italian famous wineries. Such high-level and large-scale grand tasting is really unique in China. The three-day activities were rich and have enhanced the understanding and dissemination of the concept of terroir in China. Our guests are of world class. The key figure of the concept of terroir, the honorary president of Association des Climats du Vignoble de Bourgogne and the co-owner of Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, Mr. Aubert de Villaine once again attended the symposium, gave a closing speech and presided at the master class of Domaine de la Romanée-Conti. Mr. De Villaine is a staunch supporter of Wine Symposium on Terroir and was the main speaker of the past two symposiums. Many people were greatly inspired and touched by […]

(中文) 2018风土大课圆满举办!干得漂亮!

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(中文) 风土大会重磅全攻略,参会前必看!

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(中文) 新世界&德奥葡西哪些酒最值得喝?最全的巅峰酒展攻略来了!

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